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Galvanika's Feeding Frenzy by BlackSpyro33 Galvanika's Feeding Frenzy by BlackSpyro33
If you've been reading my Codename: Stinger series, then you've likely come across the [url="…"]Thunderstruck[/url] story, where the titular heroine has to face a power-hungry maniac known as Voltaic, former robotics prodigy turned villainous electric eel metamorph.

Since Voltaic grows stronger by feeding on electricity and he becomes too powerful to handle, the one who inadvertently caused Voltaic to be created in the first place, a young bioengineer by the name of Francine LeFleur, takes it upon herself to combat the literally giant threat. Francine proceeds to develop a formula capable of giving her a fighting chance and injects it in herself without delay, aiming to bait Voltaic after telling Stinger what to do in order to take both of them down.

Ignoring Stinger's concerns, Francine transforms into an electric eel metamorph calling herself Galvanika (like the project which accidentally gave birth to Voltaic) and then starts draining electricity in order to put herself at Voltaic's level, and manages to bring his attention to her. The two begin fighting over the city while slowly losing control of their minds to the rush of pleasure caused by the energetic absorption. Soon everybody's fears come true as the growing monsters start rampaging in their battle to secure all of the city's electricity, and then... well, read the story to find out!

Anyway, this is a masterfully done rendition of Galvanika in one of her power trips, done by Serge Salvatrice (FA). Since the story's inception, Frannie has been trying to use her electrokinesis and other electric based powers to help Stinger and her other team-mates to save the world from super-powered, criminal metamorphs like Omega. In this case, she seems to have grown a little too large after experimenting with her limits, since she has yet to fully understand her complete array of new abilities. She's wearing her self-designed, full-body Specialized Ultra-Nanofiber (SUN) suit which stretches with her as she grows; wonder until what point though? She's kinda stacked, but her transformation into a giantess sure adds to her thickness, as everyone below is forced to see... Whoops, sorry unnamed city!

This was a trade I did with Serge Salvatrice (FA), be sure to go watch him and fave his upload too to support him!

Francine LeFleur a.k.a. Galvanika and the Codename: Stinger series belong to me.
HeroofLightandDark Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Well looks like we got a giant monster fight!!
vevans0009 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015
Hot giant eel-girl. :) (Smile) Heart 
BlackSpyro33 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015
Yeah! All the hugeness. :D
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August 25, 2015
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