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This is a commission for Flak (The Process Productions Forums).

Warning: This story contains growth, macro and hourglass expansion.

Miranda is owned by her players.


Macrophilia, by DragonMasterX.

Miranda liked being fit. She worked out at the local gym whenever she had available time. For a female wolf, she was working quite a tall, dark grey furred body. She was used to catching a few eyes looking her way and a few heads turning to get a good look at her decent curvature. With a well-maintained bottom and wide hips attracting attention all the way to her fluffy orange-tipped tail, Miranda wasn't lacking proposals from both the friendly and indecent types.

But she wasn't the type to just merely lie about like a slut. In fact, Miranda could hardly stand most people; she was an introvert, and preferred to keep to herself instead of actively seeking out interaction. The gym was a place where she could simply take care of her fitness, but more often than not she would be approached by the jocks working out there. They tried to catch her attention with flexing muscles and honeyed but ultimately fake words.
Miranda had learned how to deal with that easily and now strapped her cellphone to her right arm just above the streaks of orange fur on her forearms. Listening to her mp3s to avoid unnecessary conversation was a decent solution.

Today, however, it didn't matter how loud her music was. The treadmill wives would not shut up.

"...and you won't believe what he said to me: 'Are you 28?', just out of the blue!"

"Oh you go Marla, you always get the gentlemen!"

"Mm, maybe. Though he didn't have anything gentlemanly about him right after he started talking about my..."

Exhilarated giggles and even more gossip followed. Miranda's cheek puffed out in annoyance as she developed a frown of irritation. She was walking the treadmill next to them sadly, with all the others taken. She was very strict about her own routine and wouldn't skip it. "At least don't shout your stories, jeez!" the wolfette groaned to herself in silence, feeling grumpy as they seemed to be laughing and chattering ever louder... The headphones weren't working now.

Eventually, Miranda completed her routine and put her towel around her shoulders before leaving for the lockers, her ears flattened against her skull as she made an attempt to block out the annoying chatter. Once inside she almost immediately slammed the door shut and threw her devices and towel to a bench and sighed in relief. "Good riddance!" she exclaimed with no one in the room to hear. She scratched her head a bit, ruffling her black hair, messing the red tips of her front bangs in the process. "Mm, maybe I should amp my sessions up, haven't broken a sweat. Oh well, time for a quick shower!"

The wolf grabbed the underside of her sports bra and pulled it over her head, her modest breasts bouncing free for some fresh air. She then proceeded to tug her black tights down, the clingy material making her murr in delight as it hugged her long feminine legs and big hips. After kicking the tights up and into her bag, Miranda slipped her underwear off and quickly skipped to the shower stalls. The warm rain soon was rehydrating her thirsty pelt of glistening fur, murring happily as she unwound. As Miranda ran the soap over her arms she made sure to clean extra well between her and under her breasts, spots often missed by the faucet. She put some extra effort to wash her hair, which now draped over her shoulders; after drying off it would puff back up no doubt.

Miranda was so lost in her hygienic ritual that she didn't notice a pair of eyes following her every move. Slowly the observer approached the unaware Miranda, eyes closed and mind focused on her own things.

"Woooow, you're soooo taaall!" a thin, almost squeaky voice snapped Miranda out of her thoughts and she blinked her eyes open. She looked ahead and bumped her eyes with the stall's wall. "Down heeaarrr!" a hand shot up and waved in front of the wolf's face. Miranda looked down to see a female red haired white shark, a bit too short to be a shark.

"...Hey." Miranda wanted to be casual, but that tone of voice was already getting on her nerves, her toothy grin was both adorable and huge thanks to her sharp fangs. The shark girl introduced herself as Melanie. Melanie couldn't have been taller than 5ft, and in front of someone like Miranda at 6'4'' that was quite a difference. Unlike Miranda though, Melanie looked to have very big breasts, at least two sizes greater than the wolf's. "Miranda," the wolf dryly said.

Melanie giggled in response, "Wow both our names start with the same letter! Do you come here often? You look so fit and pretty, what's your secret? Oh, should I drink anything before working out? Ohmygod your hair's so pretty, can I touch it?" Miranda's eye twitched as barrage after barrage of silly remarks or questions made it her way. She was deeply regretting having taken so long after her peace and quiet had been so thoroughly destroyed by this busty chatterbox. Eventually, the wolf threw her paw forwards to grab and snap Melanie's snout shut. However, she was still trying to talk! Her cheeks puffed and deflated in rythm with what she was trying to say.

"One. Question. At a time," Miranda stammered, to which Melanie giggled and nodded, her finned tail wagging behind her. Miranda's eyes rolled to the side and she let go.

"Soooo... how did you get to be so tall?!" Melanie blurted out with a big grin. Miranda simply stared in disbelief. Was this girl serious?

"I don't know, how did you get to be so short?"

"Aww, don't be so meaaaann!" Melanie held her hands up and wiggled about while whimpering. "I'm not short, I'm just... small boned!"

Miranda returned a disapproving frown, but Melanie quickly regained her cheery disposition and took a step nearer, "You're so fluffy and big, hehe."

"Y-yeah," uncomfortable with the female shark, Miranda looked down with a small blush across her cheeks, her orange eyes avoiding contact. This was an odd situation, no girl had ever got this close to her just to tell Miranda that she was pretty. For some reason, Miranda felt Melanie's sincerity towards her, which made it harder to anticipate what she was going to say next. In fact, everything Melanie was saying about her made her feel good, proud in fact. "Haven't seen you here before," the wolfette said, turning around to fake washing her hair again, "Are you new?"

"Yeah! I joined today actually!" Melanie giggled as she began to wash her tough skin herself, making sure to soak up as much water as she could. "I didn't know there were such big girls out there, I'm impressed Mir! Can I call you Mir?"

"...go ahead," the wolf responded, somehow knowing that if she turned Mir down this girl might just keep coming up with progressively weirder nicknames. Mir's mind however was more concerned with all those compliments to her height and size. She never would've guessed a stacked girl like Melanie would spend so much time praising her. It was making the wolf feel so good about herself. In fact, Mir was feeling great, enough to finally bring up a smile. The shower continued on without meaningful exchange, and soon enough the two stepped out to dry off and get dressed. Finally, as she was putting her shirt on, Mir had an idea. "So, Melanie..."

"Call me Mel! It's only fair! Heehee."

"Y-yeah," Mir rolled her eyes again, but kept her smile on as she turned her head and gave her a roguish smirk, "Mel, do you like big girls?"

Mel blushed, "It's not that I like like them! I mean sure, you look so strong and pretty at the same time, you look awesome! But it's not like I..."

Before Mel went on with her awkward babbling session, Mir stopped her by lifting her hand. "Watch this..." the wolfette closed her eyes. Mel blinked in surprise, quiet for once. Mir was feeling so great about herself that she decided she would try out one of her particular abilities; she'd never thought to use it for a show, but she had never been so eager to show off before in her life.

Mir focused deeply, concentrating on a wellspring of energy within her body, compressed and condensed to be stored. It was ready to be released. With a mental command Mir began to feel heat generate from within, her whole body tingling. Mel watched on with intrigue, unable to tell what was coming next. The shark's green eyes went wide with surprise as, beyond every probability, the already taller wolfette began to expand before her eyes. Mir's body began to swell larger, adding a full inch before she stacked on a second extra, then a third. Her clothes began to stretch to accomodate her new growing height, Mir's t-shirt climbing up to reveal her navel while her denim shorts began to groan in protest. She stopped before she could damage her clothing.

Mir was a very special wolf capable of making herself grow. She had never done it in front of others, and mostly kept this knowledge to herself, but now she was eager to show off. "Holy... you're even bigger now! How'd you do that?! It's so impressive!"

For once, Melanie's squeaky voice was like soothing music to Mir. She realized that she loved those compliments. Why hadn't she done this sooner? It felt so good, in fact, it couldn't compare to anything she'd felt before. A proud grin formed in Mir's face, so absorbed in the shark's admiring eyes that she didn't notice her midriff was getting completely exposed, and that her buttocks were filling out her shorts. Her excitement turned to concern as she meeped with her underwear digging into her. Looking down at her body, Mir realized she was still growing. Her skin crawled with the pleasurable feeling, and she looked at her paws tremble as the feeling continued to spread all over her.

When Mir had first experimented with her power, she hadn't grown outrageously big, and she had remained in control at all times. Right now though, she was plenty sure that she hadn't given her body the command to expand. Yet, as her entire frame enlarged, her breasts became outlined by her shirt and her thighs stung from the denim digging into it, she was becoming certain something was up. Besides herself that is.

"Oooh, you're still growing! Awesome, keep it up!" Melanie cheered, pumping a fist in the air for encouragement. The shark was bouncing from excitement already.

Mir blushed as her eyes bounced from the palms she was staring at to the exuberant shark and then back, "I'm not doing it, I'm... I'm growing on my own! I mean, I'm not giving the order, th-thu- ohhh..." she was on the verge of panicking, but then her concerns were interrupted by a moan of pleasure as she felt her body shake and expand further. Already at seven feet, her shirt was clinging to her chest like her sports bra, not to mention her proportionately larger breasts felt confined within her bra that hadn't been designed with this situation in mind. Mir's vision blurred slightly as she felt the fabric of her panties wedge into her behind, then her eyes widened as she heard a shred.

"Oh wow, you're so lucky, you can make your other body parts grow!"

Looking back, the growing wolfess was stunned to find that her rump was indeed larger than before, even more so than it should be with her increased height. The expanding female gasped in surprise, since she had never used her powers for this, it had never occurred to her in fact. It felt good though, it felt even better than the growth itself; then she looked down ahead and noticed the change was also focused on her chest. Once modest Cs, her breasts began to push outwards like inflating balloons, her nipples already poking the fabric of her shirt out. Bringing her paws up to cup her growing boobies, Mir couldn't help but moan as she felt their increased sensitivity; or perhaps, it was her current state of constant bliss that was interfering with her perception of the sensations she was feeling.

"Oh my god, you're so sexy, Mir! Grow grow grow!" Melanie giggled and bit her lips in anticipation as the grey female continued to swell. Mir couldn't talk back, her sentences only a bunch of moans and yips as her bra snapped audibly, her enlarging mammaries declaring her t-shirt as their new support now. Mir threw her arms back to her neck as she doubled forwards, her tits hanging inside the shirt like ripe fruits that continued to grow. As a result, Mel bore witness to the tightness that the once modest article of clothing had to deal with; each time Miranda shook and trembled, her growing boobs jiggled with the shirt acting like a second skin. As Miranda neared 8ft, the collar of her shirt began to stretch and tear down the middle bit by bit, revealing the mass of cleavage and tit flesh that was attempting to force its way out, spilling over and below like gelatin being compressed.

The shorts weren't faring any better. They were busting at the seams, with the once little tears widening every second, turning imperfections into holes with spilling fluff. Mir's buttocks were fattening into perfectly round spheres, her thighs widening with her hips as her legs expanded to support more and more woman. Rather than jealous, Mel only had words of inspiration and admiration for this growing girl, and Miranda was so lost in her transformation that it was impossible to process full sentences. But she knew Mel was encouraging her. Somehow, it was all she needed to continue, not that she could find it in herself to stop now.

At 8'6'' feet tall, Mir's enormous breasts finally bounced forwards and launched her broken bra in the air a couple of yards away as the shirt, finally at its last few moments, exploded down the middle. Each half was smacked off Mir by her territorial head-sized boobies, their mad jiggling and bouncing instantly stopped by two groping claws.

"Ahh!" Mir moaned louder, pressing her arms to her sides as she helplessly looked down to notice the redhead shark keeping the enormous wolf breasts from violently bouncing around. Melanie's face was being blocked by her comparatively giant wolf tits, but Mir had a good idea of what Mel's face looked like.

Grinning, the shark girl continued to make Mir moan by groping her enlarging knockers. "I've never seen boobies as huuuuge as theeeese! They're so big and heavy, but soooo soft!"

The giggling wasn't irritating anymore; Mel's voice was like a never ending song of happiness for the wolfette.

10ft of height and with no signs of her body stopping, Miranda's booty dealt the finishing blow to her once snug denim shorts. Her hips, thighs and buttocks flared powerfully as the fabric literally exploded in tiny little shreds, her fluffy but strong bottom completely destroyed her shorts. And yet, larger still Miranda grew. With Mel playing with her swelling boobs, Mir's excitement became only bigger. "Wh-what are you doing?!" she finally managed to shout out, panting as her body tingled with more energy.

Melanie giggled louder, "Why Mir, supporting yo-oomph!" the shark meeped as Miranda suddenly surged with size, her breasts growing out of proportion like so far they had, and this time spilled on top of her face, which became engulfed by Miranda's cleavage. Feeling the squirming shark's head almost consumed by her two enormous breasts, Mir blushed and tried to back down and stand straight, but then suddenly hit her head hard.

"Ow! What thuh...?!" the wolfess looked up as she held by her aching head, widening her eyes after noticing the crack on the lockers' ceiling. "Oh shi-"

"So big and round, now even more. Yay!" yelped the over-excited short shark girl, who wrapped her arms as best as she could around the now 14ft, quickly growing female wolf's left breast. Melanie squeezed as if trying to bear-hug Miranda's giant mammary without success, but the squishing was enough to make Mir lose it.

Miranda moaned out louder as her arousal grew, and manifested in an even faster growth spurt. The energy was running out of control, affecting all of her body at once. An explosion of power engulfed every atom  within her being, feeding every individual cell with the limitless potential that was causing her expansion. The wolfess couldn't bear it any longer; she was feeling cramped, forced to bend over, her back hitting the ceiling, her breasts knocking the middle lockers over, her ass flattening the ones behind her. This room was too little, "It's too small!" an impatient Miranda screamed. Suddenly summoning all of her available strength to push up against the ceiling with her paws, she tried to stand up, not caring about it anymore.

Just then, the door to the lockers opened with four females walking in giggling, "...Oh Cassandra, you're such a riot!" one of them said, but no more laughter generated from any of them when their eyes caught sight of the enormous wolfess in the middle of the large room, not to mention her overwhelmingly large breasts rested on top of the middle lane of crunched lockers. "Oh dear!"

"That's some swelling if I've ever seen one!" the female behind Cassandra observed with a gasp of surprise. What they saw was Miranda trapped, what they did not know was that she was still growing and getting all the strength she needed to escape confinement. Noticing them, Miranda considered telling them to leave before things got too violent around her, but they seemed to be too busy talking about her to actually pay proper attention.

"Get... get away!" Miranda managed to say as the ceiling cracked beyond repair; her head was already half-through it. Her paws were holding a crumbling down surface, the damage had already been done; there was no time! "Ugh!" she groaned in irritation, swiping her gigantic tail at the four adults. Their talk was muffled either by the violently crumbling down concrete or by her fur, she didn't care. Wrapping them all around in its protective warmth to keep them safe next to her, Miranda finally roared and focused on the growth again.

The explosion of growth energy within her was better observed from outside, when suddenly the small building began to rumble, weakened. The exit doors flung open as the people inside screamed to leave the building, which was what Miranda had been hoping for with her roar. Miranda's head and arms crashed past the roof, her eyes closed and a big smile on her face. Finally she was free of her confinement! Now all she had to do was keep growing out of the gym.

The wolfess stood up straight, causing her chest to bounce heavily, and spread her arms with open paws as if ready to accept even more power. She wanted it, no, it was more accurate to say that she needed it; she craved it more than anything right now. Miranda was for all intents and purposes absorbed in her continuous expansion, and her hips flared in response, knocking down the sides of the building from within. Her tits swelled at least another two sizes and the rest of her followed suit, adding more and more to her mass as Miranda climbed to 15 feet, 16, 17, 18... "Yeah!" she finally screamed at the peak of her euphoria, fists clenching.

"Woohoo! Awesoooooome!" came a voice that pierced through the wolfess' power trip. Miranda blinked in surprise and looked down below at her mountainous tits, now officially unable to see her own legs. A single head popped out from within the crevice created by the two jugs smacked together by their own size and firmness. The wolf's eyes went wide as she finally noticed who was stuck between her breasts: "That was- you- Mir, how big can you get? This is crazy, and I mean it in a good waaaayy!" Melanie flailed her arms, tinier than ever in comparison to the 20ft tall giantess carrying her.

"M-Mel? Oh man, I'd almost forgotten about you. Are you okay?" Miranda hurried to ask, but Melanie didn't seem bothered at all; in fact, she was hugging what she could of Miranda's left mound, her tail wagging around like a puppy playing with her favorite toy. "Mel?"

"Oh!" the shark girl blushed brightly across her cheeks and looked up with a sheepish grin, "I mean, I'm really excited! Haven't seen such a big grower before, does it feel good that you're out now?!"

"Out?" Miranda raised an eyebrow and considered that single word before the sharp sound of car horns brought her back to reality. Her eyes left Melanie for a bit before she scanned the area ahead: Buildings in front of her looked smaller, the street lights barely reached her thighs, and the cars below... and the people... Color began to flush along her cheeks, "Oh hell no..."

A crowd comprised of bystanders and the few remaining gym clients was gathered outside talking about the giant wolfess, with more people pulling up by the minute. Miranda initially shrieked like a girl being surprised changing clothes and instantly threw her arms around her voluminous assets, her tail flying in front of her to cover her privates. "Stop staring!" she fumed with a glare, "Why don't you take a picture, it lasts longer!!"

Cell phone and digital cameras were instantly flashing afterwards, to which Miranda gasped, "No nonono! Stop that! I didn't mean it literally!" she stomped her foot impatiently, crushing what little remained of the gym under her. Some people scattered as a result, but others were simply too taken by the image of the giantess to even consider fleeing.

It wasn't easy to blame them. Miranda already was a pretty girl, but now she was absolutely stunning: Each breast almost surpassed the size of her own head; they were heavy, sexy mounds of fat as round as spheres yet perky and firm, with their trademark softness. Her waist had further reduced in proportion, synergizing her curvature and synching with her massively widened hips. Miranda's thighs were plump and deliciously thick, but were no match for the size of her buttocks; her ass cheeks were so big and tight together that it looked they were competing for space on her backside, squishing into a lovely heart-shape, now in full view after her panties had been lost somewhere between the energetic growth spurt. In comparison to a super-model, Miranda was easily a goddess.

And these guys were pissing her off. "PISS OFF!" she growled as loud as she could, which shattered some windows. She stepped forwards and smashed her foot down on the pavement for added effect; "Or else... I'll eat you!" Miranda didn't want to hurt anyone, but her urge to do so was rising. The threat worked this time and the last few ran away, leaving their cars behind. With a sigh of relief, Miranda finally looked down at Melanie still cuddling her tits.

"Hehe, that was an awesome giantess roar. Sexy! What else can you do?" Melanie stuck her tongue out playfully, feeling a bit silly but she was excited by her new friend's abilities.

"What else...?" Miranda blinked, "Mel, maybe I oughta shrink back to normal, don't want to cause any trouble and..."

"Waiiit! Can't you go bigger first? I wanna see how big you can get!" Melanie pleaded while looking up. "This isn't your limit, is it...?"

Miranda was about to respond when a couple of muffled voices alerted her ears. She brought her tail up and cupped her hands together, depositing the four last gym women on top of her palms. "Hey, sorry about that earlier, are you okay?"

But believe it or not, the noisy women were still gossiping about their friends' curves with each other, oblivious to whatever had happened to them. Miranda's eye twitched, "Urge to kill, rising..." she muttered to herself, but calmly set the four friends down on the ground, and they were soon on their way while giggling and fidgeting. "Why the hell did I save THEM?"

Miranda blinked as she felt something between her footpaws then and looked downwards. She was surprised to find one of the stragglers of the gym stuck between her toes. Careful not to wriggle them and accidentally snap whoever was caught there in half, Miranda shook her footpaw gently, finally getting the male drop. "Wooh... gurrrrrl, what nice feet...! So big and soft... Say, can you step on me? I mean..." the guy was looking up at Miranda as if this was a casual conversation, the wolfette blinked in confusion, thinking this guy might be thinking he was in a dream.

"EW NO, go away!" the wolfess defensively said, then grabbed the whimpering male and gently set him on the opposite road.

"Hehe, your booty looks like a love-heart when you bend over, Mir!" a playful giggle coming from her shoulder caused Miranda to snap back to attention and turn her head around. Melanie was out of her cleavage, and had apparently climbed her like a small mountain. "Ooh, you must be like 30ft tall! And you're still growing!" the shark seemed pleased with it. Miranda sighed but then as she looked past Melanie noticed the reflection on the mirror-windowed edifice across the back street. She was mooning herself. "O-oh wow, I've put on a bit more weight than I thought...!"

"Aw, don't be silly! You look!" the shark encouraged, bouncing up and down on Melanie's shoulders. "Now c'mon, keep it up! I wanna see you grow really really really big!"

Miranda was still growing anyway. For some reason she couldn't make herself stop swelling; at least her curves however had stopped expanding anymore, lest she was immobilized by her own lady bits. "Y-y'think I should?" the wolf asked a bit nervously, not wanting to run into anymore perverts. But then, what could they do to harm her? Post naked pictures of her? Melanie was right about one thing: She looked beautiful as a giant, why would sharing her image be such a bad thing? Those people weren't worth her time anyway.

"Oh I know, I know! Booty bump that abandoned warehouse across the street. I wanna see!" Melanie's demands were starting to sound a bit more depraved in comparison to when she was just asking for her to grow, but for some reason Miranda was excited about them; perhaps it was like a challenge to her, perhaps she found the ideas to be fun!

Nodding, Miranda was ready to walk out of the lot with the ex-gym but found herself unable to move. "Oh you gotta be kidding me...!" she groaned as she looked down to notice her growing hips had become sandwiched by the taller neighboring buildings. Still growing, the 40ft tall wolfess was now immobilized by her own sexy thighs being pressed together from the sides, her enormous sides now so big that the buildings weren't letting her leave. Miranda would have none of that. She had surged past them in height already, she had no reason to let them bully her into staying in a cramped spot again!

Melanie looked down wondering why Miranda was grumpy again, but then noticed her predicament and quickly laid her bare shark body down as if she was watching a TV show. Miranda's hips were digging into the buildings as she continued to slowly expand, but Miranda had already placed her paws onto the buildings' respective roofs. "If there's anybody in there, you better run out, 'cause I'm not going to wait until I outgrow this place!" she growled. But her earlier roar had caused a block-wide evacuation, so it was safe. Miranda gave her warning a few seconds before finally she gripped her paws.

The surface of the old buildings were nothing more than flimsy lego blocks to her powerful strength. Miranda felt the roofs cave in under her big fingers, and the bricks and concrete to simply break apart into dust before the weight of her hands. The buildings protested as Miranda put in effort to push them down. But, when her fists went through two consecutive floors on each side she stopped herself, not wanting to lose her balance. "Damn... I can't push them down! ...I'll push them sideways!" she concluded with a small grin. Melanie kicked her legs behind her in excitement as she looked as Miranda's palms began to push the print shop to her left and the bakery to her right. Miranda's tits bounced and jiggled with every struggle, the wolfess growing even larger throughout the ordeal.

Her fingers dug through the pathetic walls as if she was demolishing sand castles at the beach. Miranda began to wiggle her hips, further causing the two buildings to groan and cave in before her weight. Eventually, Miranda's arms tore through to the opposite ends of each shop and with a loud smash her body tore through the structures. "YES!" claimed the wolfess victoriously, tail swishing happily as her lower body was covered in a dust cloud from the collapsed buildings. Miranda's growth had already reached 50ft, and was making good pace; now she was free and nothing stood in her way. "Mmph, okay Mel, you just watch this!"

With that, Mel held on tightly on her friend's dark gray fur as Miranda skipped towards the huge, old warehouse. It barely reached her hips now, but that was perfect. "Hmm, it was scheduled for demolition anyway, wasn't it?" she briefly thought, peering in through the windows to make sure there wasn't anybody inside. The earlier two buildings had tried to hold her back, but at least this one didn't mean she had to feel bad about it. With a grin, Miranda looked down at Melanie with a smirk and then brought her arms up, holding her hands together. As her chest sensually stuck out even more prominently, Miranda began to sensually walk around the deserted, but large building. Her hips swayed with sexy exaggeration at every step; Miranda rubbed her hips on each corner while Melanie watched on almost drooling her mouth off.

"And, bump!" Miranda confidently smiled as she brought her hips to one side and then forced them to the other, her big, bulbous ass impacting against the east of the building. Miranda's beautiful rump crashed through, but she was so big only one of the butt cheeks made it in. "Heh! Nice moves?"

Melanie was pumping her fists as if watching an exciting sports match. "GREAT moves! Go Mir! Show that defenseless old building who's boss!"

With that, Melanie proceeded to make a spin and shake her booty as if she had been dancing all along. With sensual half-lidded eyes she came down again and crushed the north side of the building, then skipped forwards and gripped the roof  of the west side to lean on the building, her enormous mammaries spilling on top. "Watch this..." Miranda tentatively licked her chops as she waited. The warehouse, with half of its upper side wrecked, couldn't support the weight of Miranda's gigantic jugs; the wolf tits cracked the roof slowly, until finally it gave away and the titanic chest spilled in with a loud crack. "Hah!"

"Your boobs must be super heavy. And they called ME stacked!" Melanie giggled her usual girlish snicker. Miranda continued to improvise, using her own brand of wrecking balls to demolish the warehouse, then she just decided to jump up and come crashing down with her ass, destroying what was left of it. Throughout her fun, Miranda had added at least twenty extra feet of height, and was now so tall the warehouse looked like a mere replica to scale. "Oooh, sit on it, sit on it!" Mel cheered. Miranda wasn't going to say no at this point. She wanted to feel her new tush crush something; her ass was so big and felt so soft, she just had to try this. First turning around before kneeling, she raised her tail to avoid sitting on it and leaned down, pressing her round, fluffy buttcheeks against the broken building. There was a brief groan before the growing wolfette compressed the lot under her kaboose, the materials protesting one last time before it all went "CRUNCH!"

Miranda was left murring in delight, feeling the stimulant sensation of all the concrete rubbing and poking her sensitive buttocks. She wiggled her ass, further crunching the debris under her massive booty, her tail wagging happily. "Oh man, I'm still growing...!" announced Miranda as she gasped, the excitement apparently a good catalyst for her growth. The spurt added tens of feet at every spasm, making her lean forwards, burying the small buildings under her boobs, her tongue lolling and hanging outside as she panted.

"You look like you're enjoying yourself, heehee!"

"S-shut up Mel!" a self-conscious Miranda blushed, but was quickly overpowered by her own desire. She was growing so fast, already past 100ft. Then past 110, then 120, 130... 140! And she was not stopping anytime soon. "I'm... swelling so fast! Mmmnngh!" she groaned, feeling a bunch of buildings ahead of her that she was no doubt going to impact. Fortunately, the quaking tremors of her warehouse romp had alerted the vicinity and the buildings were likely all evacuated already.

Melanie gripped Miranda's lengthening fur tightly like a lifeline. "God, you're getting so big so much faster now! Heh, I better not fall! Looks like a big drop even with you leaning down!" she giggled.

Melanie was immediately plucked by Miranda's fingers. "I'm getting so big, I better put you down and..."

"Nooo...!" Melanie whimpered as she held on to Mirana's gigantic digits, "C'mon Mir, I wanna see it all from up here, I love it...!"

"But you're going to sink between my fur if you stay like this, Mel. Plus if you fell..."

"I'll hold on tight!" Melanie insisted, "Oh I know. Put me inside your ear! I'll just grab the fluff on it, and if you get too big I'll also be able to keep talking to you!" to Miranda, people were usually annoying, their requests made her feel grumpy, not to mention most of them were idiots. For some reason though this little shark felt like a fangirl, and Miranda had never had a fangirl before; she had to admit she was liking it. With a smile, Miranda put her open paw next to her ear and allowed Melanie to jump out, grabbing onto the fur within. "Yay!"

"You better hold on tight! 'cause nothing's going to stop me now..." Miranda grinned, now a 170ft tall giantess and still growing. She was about to stand up when suddenly she felt her heavy chest glued to the floor. Looking to the sides she realized she had filled out the streets, the two opposing blocks pressing her breasts together as if they were holding her down. Miranda was stuck because of her giant wolf tits. "Really?!"

A crystal-clear giggle reverberated inside Miranda's head, "C'mon Mir, stand up! Gotta grow!"

Miranda brought her arms around and hugged both blocks as she grew larger, able to encompass them. She shut her eyes and focused on the pleasurable sensations coursing through her, allowing the power to sweep her away. She let out a moan of delight as her trapped body pushed out and swelled much faster. 200ft, 250ft, 300ft! Crunched buildings became overwhelmed by her breasts, her slim belly and enormous, womanly legs. The wolfette was free again. She stood up and rose to her glorious stature.

The city wasn't small, Miranda was simply gigantic. She was casting a long shadow that loomed over the suburbs ahead, the buildings pathetic in comparison to her bulk. She flexed and stretched, swelling larger still. "Mmngnh... I feel so strong!" she cried out, wiggling her toes as she shook from the bliss she was feeling. It was all an absolute party of euphoria within her: The strength, the size, the fact she had no equal, the attention she was receiving; she wanted it all, she wanted even more of it and she could never have enough!

And Miranda wasn't going to stop now. She focused on her power, she brought her arms together and hugged herself as if trying to attract all the potential energy and strength into her. The shark in her ear watched as the ground fled further away from them; Miranda was surging with size even faster now! 400ft became 500, then 600, then 700. Every second her body became even greater, the buildings looking more minuscule by the minute, cars being flattened under her soft but incredibly heavy footpaws. Miranda grinned and threw her arms behind, grabbing her neck as she bit her lip from the overpowering sensation. Her whole body tingled and burst out with an incredible growth that expanded her bulk in kind, her height exploding to a thousand feet, then a thousand and a half.

"Damn, you're growing soooo fast this time Mir! C'mon, slow down, there's so much I wanna see you do!" Melanie whimpered. At half a mile tall, Miranda looked like a titan overshadowing the entire city. They could see the mountains ahead, the city and her people were but ants within a broken anthill, they would have to go to another city, this was her playground now.

"Don't worry, Mel," Miranda slowly reopened her eyes and licked her chops sensually, running her paws down her perfectly curvy body, tail swishing idly as she surveyed the potential of all the things she could do now. "We have all the time in the world to have fun. I'm not going to sleep anytime soon."

“But you grew soooo faaaast!” whined the shark within Miranda’s ears, which made the wolfess roll her eyes. “I wanted you to juggle cars and catch them with your cleavage!”

Miranda blinked, again surprised by Melanie’s requests. The giantess decided to keep quiet about not knowing how to juggle anything to begin with. “Well, I guess the last spurt WAS kind of explosive. It’s calmed down for now.” Miranda didn’t see Melanie pouting as she stepped in the direction of downtown, each of her heavy yet soft footfalls unchaining a series of mini-quakes nearby.

The world below had no way not to see this destructive yet relatively harmless beauty. She hadn’t hurt anyone yet, at least not intentionally, and she was simply… parading about. Focused on her new friend and her admiration for Miranda’s powers, the wolfess wasn’t aware of the myriads of eyes currently set on her buxom body. Her continuous expansion had spared her curves from swelling any larger, but her breasts and ass were beyond obscene in their sizes. There was no shortage of drool gathering down at the ground, a result of staring at the dark grey furred goddess simply walking around, her jiggly bits bouncing around for a lust-inducing spectacle. On the other hand, jealous and envious females were having a hard time keeping their male mates from just standing there like bugs to be stepped on simply because they couldn’t tear their eyes off Miranda’s heavenly form.

Yet the wolfess wasn’t very interested in the people down there, she was convinced they had left her city. Miranda only paid attention to the fact tall buildings that once could hold several like her would now struggle to simply accommodate one of her toes now. Might edifices came only up to her endowed hips, which she would stop to compare and giggle at this very fact. It was arousing her. “Hey Mel, can you see?”

Melanie wasn’t able to stay bummed out for long. Hanging from a tuft of silky fur in Miranda’s ear she looked very far down. Her attention converged on the sensual sight of her titanic friend dwarfing every single building save one that she immediately noticed from her vantage point. “Mmm, you’ve got competition, Mir!”

A skyscraper. Miranda couldn’t believe it had skipped her mind; the only one in their city after all. Looking ahead the giant wolf contemplated and slowly approached the presumably abandoned building. The skyscraper was at least a hundred feet taller than she was. She looked up with a frown, “Not for long, Mel. Not for long.”

With that, Miranda leaned forwards and wrapped her arms around the structure to keep a good grip on it, and to make sure it wouldn’t crumble too fast. Her humongous breasts pushed up against the skyscraper, windows bursting and concrete cracking all over already. “Smoooooosh! Hehe!” Melanie seemed excited, Miranda grinned at her sound effect. Purring in delight, the wolfess’ body began to grow bigger again; her entire front rubbed against the skyscraper: Her knees as her legs quivered in delight, her thighs as she pushed herself against it, her chest as she used the incalculable weight of her globes of flesh. Miranda couldn’t help but moan as her head inched closer and closer to the skyscraper tip, growing at a very fast rate. Her fur coated the building, which slowly began to sink between her boobies. Miranda’s grin widened as she grew taller and taller, and the skyscraper smaller and smaller: It felt as though she were fighting a losing battle that had quickly turned to her favor; the rush felt incredible! “Finish it Mir!” cheered the ever amused shark girl.

Miranda didn’t even have to put any effort for it. Simply pressing her body against the dwindling structure that she could hold in her arms and chest was enough to crack it all over. The wolfess pushed forwards, the skyscraper groaning as it bent out of shape. She bit her lower lip in anticipation as her eyes looked down at the skyscraper tip, her opponent defeated. But she wasn’t without mercy. Leaning down, Miranda closed her eyes and kissed the building and then playfully wiggled her fingers down at it with a grin. “Bye-bye.”

And with that, the wolfess completely outgrew the skyscraper, which sunk between the valley of her breasts, a vast grand canyon by now. “Sexy!” Mel complimented. Miranda couldn’t hold her laughter back.

“Was that good?” she then asked, to which she could hear Melanie’s unending praise and encouragement. “’cause I’ve another idea now that this city won’t offer me anymore challenges.”

Melanie seemed quiet for a change, but then had to grip the giant tuft of fur that was her VIP spot for this show for dear life. Miranda began to walk again, now a glorious full mile in height, possibly more. The wolfess said nothing; she seemed to be heading north. From her vantage point Melanie caught sight of Miranda cupping her breasts as she absentmindedly rid herself of the skyscraper debris. Melanie giggled at the tidiness, but couldn’t help not keeping her eyes trained on that immense cleavage; there was something about her incredibly busty friend’s tits that she couldn’t stop herself from staring at them!

“So how about it?” Melanie perked up at attention as Miranda’s voice suddenly caught her attention.

“How about what?” looking forwards the shark’s jaw dropped as she looked at the huge Mt. Nuji, which dwarfed even Miranda. Melanie was not only surprised at this, but also that it had taken her so long to snap out of her boobage-induced trance.

“Weren’t you listening?” Miranda sighed impatiently, but then smiled and reached forwards with a paw, resting her palm on the gigantic mountain with a grin. “You talked about being stacked earlier, right?”

“Uhm, yeah?”

“So… I’ll show you what real mountains are.”

Melanie said nothing in return. Miranda knew that phrase had sold already. Taking a deep breath, Miranda focused one more time. Melanie could already feel how much her friend’s body had begun to rumble as energy welled up inside of her. The sensations building within Miranda were making her gasp as she brought her arms over her breasts to grip each of her shoulders, “Mmm… no matter how much I do this… I never get used to the tingling…” she murred in delight, her form swelling even greater. “Every little bit of me quivers, every particle in the air tickles me. It’s like raw energy itself is giving me a full-body massage…!” she howled, starting to pant as she suddenly boomed larger, doubling in size instantly. “Mmmrrr… every part of me is enormous, powerful, and I just keep on getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger and…”

Gasping, Miranda began to pant as an especially big surge of power exploded inside of her, causing her to spread her arms with fists clenched, ready to accept it. “BIGGERRRR!”

The growing female roared in delight as she doubled over, her frame swelling several hundred feet a second. Her clawed toes curled from the anticipation and dug down on the rocky ground below, tearing into the very ground. Her tail was wagging so fast she was whipping minor wind-storms up around the area, she was vast and mighty. Miranda’s fangs grit together as she stifled her screams of bliss, whimpering in need for more. Her fists converged on the mountain as she pushed away from it, panting louder as she expanded. In her bent over position she was giving the people below that could see the picture of her marvelous booty sticking out like a peach of biblical proportions. She didn’t know, but all the channels in TV were talking about that butt, about her seemingly endless quest for greater size, about deification at the hands of worshipping idols down below. But she didn’t care, this was Her moment, she was all that mattered. Miranda only had one thought in her body as she gripped hard, crushing the mountain’s surface. “Bigger! Bigger…! BIGGER!”

As she chanted, trapped in her own world of bliss, her enormous chest further squished against the mountain. The image of Miranda’s cleavage was welcome by everyone, especially a quiet yet joyful Melanie. As she passed two miles, Miranda threw her head back and further pushed against Mt. Nuji, howling louder as her breasts overtook the mountain’s crown. She rested her paws on her enormous shelf of a chest, tongue hanging out as she madly giggled. “Go body, goooo…! Grow bigger, much bigger!” she growled, starting to bend down on her knees as her height escalated; she wanted to keep her sexy mounds on top of Mt. Nuji.

The wolfess’ overwhelming growth stopped for nothing, for no one, and this mountain was going to sink under the weight of her ever expanding mammaries. Three miles and counting, Miranda gripped the base of the mountain, her grin widening with every thousand feet her body added. She had to lie down on her stomach eventually, her bulk covering the land as she mooned the country for miles to see; her tail kept swishing about, scattering the clouds and raining more sunlight on top of her beautiful form. “Yessss… yesss!” Miranda let out a triumphant growl as she heard a big crunch, her paws on the sides of her billowing mammaries, each bigger than the former Mt. Nuji. She was absolutely enormous, there was nothing of practical size to compare her with now, except maybe off-country mountains. But Miranda had this now, she was beyond happy, she was ecstatic!

“Ahhh…” Miranda panted as the swell of power slowly died down, her ears drooping a bit. “I finally worked up… ahh… a bit of a sweat. So how’d you like them apples now, eh, Mel?” she giggled. Moments passed but no answer came back. “Mel?” Miranda blinked a bit, repeating the shark’s name over and over.

Within Miranda’s left gargantuan ear, a starry eyed shark lied on the tuft of fur like a house-sized bed. “Soooo pretttyyyyy… so hot…!” she sang with a dreamy tone, to which Miranda snickered.

“Gonna take a shot in the dark and say you liked that.”

The End.
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